Sausage Made Simple

Handcrafted sausage can be made from many recipes. At Flocchini Family Provisions, our sausages are simple. Made with the fewest ingredients possible, we focus on using whole muscle meats and only the finest herbs.

A third generation family company, we have fine tuned our skill at crafting authentic, flavorful meats through traditional means. Small batches and classic processes produce a high quality, fairly priced sausage rooted deep in rich heritage.

Taste that is Pure, Traditional and Satisfying.

Our Products

Raw Sausage rope with garlic and red chili
Raw Sausage

Using traditional recipes, our handcrafted sausages are made from the fewest ingredients possible, focusing on whole muscle meats and only the finest herbs.

Sausage with peppercorns and cilantro
Smokehouse Cooked

With our master sausage maker, we’ve created ethnic-inspired sausage from locales such as Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula. We take great pride in the authenticity of our European specialties


All lightly smoked and fully cooked, you won’t find a better quality frankfurter. We use only the finest premium cuts of pork and beef, never any fillers, chicken or turkey, or by-products.

deli product
Deli Items

Beloved by restaurants, casinos and delis, we provide the public and the food service industry with choice staples that set the standard in quality.